Born to be Free - Golden Retriever

Wheatcroft Skyfall
Alibren Best Mate To Westervane
Evenmint Keltic Drummer
Alibren Midsummer Breeze
Wheatcroft Golden Wanda Wheatcroft White Frost
Wheatcroft Diamond Dazzler
Gembaek's Kiss the Music Summeramba Last Orders GBCH(U)
Erinderry Just The Ticket From Bluewaters
Summeramba Sherbert Lemon
Gembaek's French Kiss
Taram Du Bois De La Rayere
Marjazza's Agnetha

Sire: Wheatcroft Skyfall

Dam: Gembaek's Kiss the Music

Breeder: Heike Hofmann-White

HD: A2/B1

ED: Free/Free

Eyes: HC/PRA/RD free

PRA1 and PRA2 free (Laboklin)

conformation: excellent

Breeding confirmation without conditions

Exhibitions several times excellent

Character test (translation)

A 22 months old bitch, who today shows an excellent character. Free and carefree she runs over the terrain showing great independence, but also a very good bond with her handler.

She simply enjoys everything visually, acoustically and with people.

In the pack she shows a friendly mood and accepts play offers with pleasure. Hunting dispositions could be seen very well today.

The bitch is not gun-shy.

Breeding Conformation:

A very happy and friendly bitch, nice type, overall harmonious. correct upper and lower line, very good angulations of fore and hindquarters, bone strength and substance fit the type, she moves with drive, the hindquarters are led a little tight.

Show Leipzig, Judge : Daniel Brasa

harmoniously built bitch of excellent overall appearance, beautiful bitch head with gentle expression, correct length of neck, suitable topline and underline, suitable tail set, straight and parallel in stance with suitable angulations, harmonious even movement, friendly nature, nice presentation. excellent

Pepsi or Viva la Vita, i.e. nomen est omen!

She stayed with us from Bubbles last litter.

Both in temperament and appearance almost a copy of her mother: Always happy and good-humoured, never takes anything "badly" with an enormous "will to please".

Her character test says everything about her!


Born to be Free Viva La Vita


Born: 18.04.2019